Garage Door Services with Colorado Garage Door

At Colorado Garage Door, we pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive garage door installation, repair and replacement services available. We specialize in top quality residential garage door repair & garage door opener repair for all major brands and models. Our staff of garage door technicians are expertly trained and certified with the experience necessary to effectively and efficiently perform any garage door service with the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. When you choose to have your garage repaired by Colorado Garage Door, you choose a level of excellence not available from other garage door service companies. Our range of services includes:

Garage Door Installation

garage-door-install(servicespage)Make your next garage door installation a breeze with Colorado Garage Door. Do you have a damaged garage door that needs to be replaced? Is your current garage door needing an upgrade? Does your newly built home need a newly installed garage door? You can save yourself a lot of stress by having your garage door installation performed by trained professionals. At Colorado Garage Door, we have experience with residential and commercial garage door installation. No garage door installation project is outside of our scope. For many years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing peerless quality garage door installations for families and businesses across Colorado. Whether you are interested in a simple garage door for your new home or need a massive airplane hangar door, we have the skills necessary to install a garage door that exceeds your expectations for quality.

Garage Door Opener Repair

garage-door-openerA broken garage door opener does not mean the end of your garage’s ability to function. If your garage door is unable to open and close properly, or makes a grinding sound during operation, it may be about to fail. Pre-empt potential problems with your garage door opener by calling Colorado Garage Door today! Our trained garage door opener experts have the skills and talent you need to ensure your garage door opener repair goes smoothly. We are able to repair or upgrade your existing garage door opener no matter the problem. All modern garage doors have electrical components including motors, pulleys and electrical systems which all must work in unison to ensure a functioning garage door. When Colorado Garage Door performs your garage door opener repairs, we make sure every component is 100% functional before we leave. We want you to rest easy knowing your garage door will operate properly for years to come.

Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement

spring-repairThe springs that help lift and lower your garage door are called torsion and extension springs. More commonly, they are referred to as garage door springs, and they are one of the most vital components of your garage door. These springs are under incredible tension, and if they malfunction or are tampered with, they may easily cause traumatic injuries. Garage door springs need repair and replacement more often than other garage door components as they undergo more punishment than any other part of the garage. If you have noticed your garage door is not operating properly and believe the torsion spring may be responsible, you need to call a garage door spring repair expert immediately to rectify the situation. A malfunctioning torsion spring can easily lead to damage for other parts of the garage if left unattended. Colorado Garage Door has vast experience handling garage door spring repairs and replacements for all brands and models of garage doors. Do not attempt to repair your garage door spring on your own. Stay safe, and let the garage door spring repair experts at Colorado Garage door handle all of your garage door spring repair and replacement needs.

Garage Door Cable Repair

cable-repairWhen your garage door cables have worn out, and your garage isn’t working the way it should, Colorado Garage Door is here to help. Our garage door cable repair service is guaranteed to safely and effectively alleviate any and all problems arising from a faulty garage door cable. Garage door cables are vital components to the successful operation of any garage door. Of course, many components of your garage door may need repair over the long term, but the integrity of your garage door cables is vital to the safety of your garage door. Should you have concern about the safety and resilience of your garage door cables, contact Colorado Garage Door and we can send one of our professionally trained, experienced and courteous garage door technicians to handle this complex repair for you.

Garage Door Roller Repair & Replacement

roller-repair-replaceAt Colorado Garage Door, we know how frustrating it can be if your garage door stops functioning properly. Garage door rollers can wear out over time. Without occasional maintenance or replacement, your garage door rollers can fail, leaving you with a non-functioning garage door. Replacing garage door rollers is standard business at Colorado Garage Door. We have the tools and expertise you need to ensure your garage door rollers are repaired or replaced without any trouble at all. Our expert technicians are trained to deliver peerless garage door roller repair and replacement with unmatched customer service. If your garage door rollers need repair or replacement, contact Colorado Garage Door to schedule an appointment today.

Garage Door Section/Panel Replacement or Repair

section-panelA damaged garage door does not just present an aesthetic issue for your home. A damaged or unbalanced garage door can misalign your garage door system and end up being far more troublesome. Colorado Garage Door has trained garage door panel replacement experts ready to replace and repair any section of your damaged garage door. If your garage door panels have dents and dings, or if you found a scuff mark on the garage door that is affecting your home’s ‘curb appeal,’ then contact Colorado Garage Door and schedule an appointment today.

Total Garage Door Replacement

garage-door-replaceIs it too late to salvage your current garage door? Colorado Garage Door is the leading garage door installation company in Colorado. Our expertise includes every aspect of garage door installation & replacement. No matter what brand or model, we can help you find the garage door that is perfect for you. Whether you are building a new home or simply replacing a garage door whose time has come, Colorado Garage Door has the history and expertise you need to ensure your next garage door installation goes smoothly. Why risk your garage door by hiring anyone else? We guarantee satisfaction with every garage door installation. Contact Colorado Garage Door to schedule an appointment today.


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