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Here at Colorado Garage Door, we have built a reputation as not just the best garage door service company in Westminster, but one of the top garage door service companies in the entire state. This is due to the fact that not only are all of our garage door technicians are properly trained and educated to handle any installation, replacement or repair service, but also because we only use the highest quality garage doors and garage door parts from reputable manufacturers such as Amarr & Ankmar Overhead Doors. The following are some of the services that we offer to customers in the Westminster area:

Westminster Garage Door Repair

A garage door that isn’t operating properly should be inspected immediately. An improperly functioning door can have a number of different issues that could grow worse without repair, resulting in the potential need for replacement. A garage door in need of repair could also be a safety issue, especially if it’s an issue with the garage door springs. The following are some of the garage door parts that we commonly repair:

  • Garage door opener – If your garage door is having issues opening, we will inspect every component of your garage door, from the motors to the electrical systems, to make sure everything is in working order.
  • Garage door springs – The garage door springs experience the most wear and tear out of any other component. A malfunctioning spring can end up damaging other parts of the garage without immediate repair. 
  • Garage door cables – The integrity of your garage door cables is essential to the safety of the garage door. Like any component, the cable can experience wear and tear over time and may need repair or replacement if the door isn’t functioning properly.
  • Garage door roller – All rollers need occasional maintenance or repair to retain their functionality and efficiency.
  • Garage door sections and panels – Damaged sections and panels not only hurt the curb appeal of your property, they can also cause the garage door to misalign the whole garage door system, thereby causing even more issues.

Westminster Garage Door Installation

There are a number of reasons you may need a new garage door installed. Maybe you’re upgrading your old garage door, maybe you’re replacing a damaged garage door or maybe you’re just building a new garage. Whatever the reason, we can install any type of garage door, whether for residential use or commercial use, from any manufacturer. We will ensure that your new garage door is properly installed so that it will function smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

Westminster Garage Door Replacement Services

Our garage door technicians can replace any type of garage door in Westminster, whether it’s a regular-sized residential garage door or a larger, commercial-sized garage door. We will safely remove your old garage door and assist you in choosing a new garage door that fits your specific needs. We will then ensure that the garage door you have chosen is properly installed to ensure optimal performance.

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